What is a Green Spa?

Let’s unpack the essential 9 qualities of a Green Spa:

Green Spas are committed to reduce harmful practices and exposure to harmful substances and are open to learning, adopting and implementing new environmentally friendly strategies and techniques.

Green Spas strive to conserve natural resources and operate in environments that promote health and wellbeing. For example, a Green Spa building will create a healthier and consequently more productive environment to work and provide therapy in. The subsequent benefits are transferred to the experience of the Spa guest, adding wellness value to the therapies themselves.

Green Spas adopt energy conservation practices and incorporate fixtures and fittings that comply with such practices. The conservation of energy translates into a reduction in carbon emissions and an overall smaller carbon footprint for the Spa.

Green Spas have water conservation practices and fixtures in place to reduce their consumption of potable water and to maximise their use of available water resources through eg rain catchment and grey water recycling.

Green Spas are committed to using materials which can be recycled, follow recycling practices and actively promote waste reduction.

Green Spas incorporate natural or organic skin care products in their therapies and actively encourage their guests to apply this thinking in their personal health regimes at home.

Green Spas promote the wellbeing of their communities by participating in community projects and contracting with their local communities for the delivery of products and services wherever possible.

Green Spas also share their concern for the planet’s wellbeing with guests and set ongoing examples of Green living and Green thinking.

Green Spas always have their Green Policies that incorporate their green principles available for guests to study

hi- green hygiene

maintaining an excellent hygiene and sanitation regime in a spa or beauty salon is one of the very first things that is impressed on prospective spa owners and aspiring students.

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