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sustainable spa practitioner

sustainable spa practitioner

This course will provide all wellness practitioners with fundamental, hands-on, knowledge of sustainable business practises and treatment choices for the greater benefit of their industry and clients and, ultimately, for the preservation of our natural environment.

Sustainability has become a strategic objective in the wellness industry and the ability to guide and transform any spa, salon or wellness destination to implementing such practices in their businesses has, consequently, also become a critical skills set.

After completing this course, you will be in a position to:

  • Appreciate how sustainability principles are applied to spas/salons and identify its commercial benefits.
  • Implement green building principles in new or existing spa buildings
  • Incorporate sustainable fixtures and fittings in spas
  • Select sustainable and ethical cosmetic products for spas
  • Select sustainable and ethical consumables for spas
  • Apply the management principles necessary to create a sustainable spa
  • Incorporate water and energy efficiencies in spas
  • Implement Fair Trade practices
  • Practice responsible waste management in spas
  • Conduct a sustainability audit
The spectrum of theoretical material, inclusive of a practical workshop, is delivered on four levels, within a two day/11 hour period, at the end of which you will complete an assessment and receive a certificate. The course materials will include the Greenspa Guide as a text book, a licence to use the Greenspa Calculator software as audit tool, forum discussions and several other downloadable resource materials.

Synopsis of course content

Synopsis of course content

Level 1
  • Understanding sustainability in context
  • How sustainability unlocks value in a spa business
  • Understanding carbon foot printing and carbon neutrality
  • Global developments in the sustainable wellness industry
  • Governments position on green enterprise
  • Greenwashing
Level 2
  • Greening the Spa building
  • Sustainable fixtures, fittings & furniture for spas
  • Sustainable options for spa furniture and equipment
  • Sustainable options for retail and professional products
  • Sustainable options for spa consumables/amenities
Level 3
  • Conducting a sustainable spa business
    • Policies and procedures
    • Annual reporting
    • Fair trade and social responsibility
  • Energy and Water efficiencies
  • Waste management
    • The circular economy
    • Reduction practices
    • Recycling
    • Conducting a waste audit
  • The Green Kitchen
Level 4
  • Practical workshop: Conducting an audit on an existing spa or salon

The following 3 course options are offered:

The following 3 course options are offered:

Online course

Best suited for practising therapists, spa managers/owners, lecturers and students who would prefer to complete the course on their own time schedule.

USD 140

(or local currency equivalent)

Group course

This course is ideal for practitioners in the same spa or students from the same school. Interaction is live throughout the course and recordings are made available afterwards. Group sizes are limited to 30 attendees per course.

USD 165 per attendee

(or local currency equivalent)

In person course

Available to groups of 10 persons and more and ideal for on-site training where there are existing staff compliments.

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